Staying Warm While Sailing

Sailing is a popular outdoor activity and sport. It draws people from all backgrounds, with the promise of adventure and romance.  However, many new sailors are quite unprepared for how cold it can get on a boat. They end up spending a lot of their time below decks, under blankets, dressed in their Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Being cold is not very romantic. So it is best to come prepared for any weather and with plenty of warm clothing. Here are a few clothing items you should be sure to bring.

Sailors Staying Warm While Sailing

Waterproof Jacket 

Even if you are setting sail in beautiful sunny, summer weather, bring a waterproof jacket. Not only could a storm blow up and dump rain on you, but wind can chill you to the bone.  A day that starts out pleasant enough to wear a t-shirt can become very chilly in the evening. Add in the wind and it can get dangerously cold. Here is a windchill chart from the National Weather Service that you can use for reference.

Sailing in Europe is the best thing you can do during your holidays

When it’s time to holiday, many people all over the world spend their holidays by the sea. Europe really offers a few great locales for a seaworthy vacation. There is plenty of opportunity you can find like enjoying sparkling waters, and see idyllic islands on a boat. So below, there are some of the Europe’s best destinations perfect for sailing.

Sailing across Greece Sailing in Europe is the best thing you can do  during your holidays


If you want to make a sailing holiday memorable, then go to Greece. Sailing across Greece would be great for your holiday. Why? Because this country is rich in ancient ruins and particularly in natural scenery. There is a wide selection of islands to tour there. As a case in point, you can sail over Folégandros, Tilos or Astapálaia that is an island off the beaten tourist track. Moreover, this country offers many beaches you can explore.

What are you waiting for to explore Sicily by yacht?

In the event you want to create your holiday of a lifetime, you should discover Sicily by yacht. You will spend a perfect journey while visiting this Island of Italy out by luxury yacht. You are going to discover why.

Sicily Sailboats What are you waiting for to explore Sicily by yacht?

Don’t miss out Sicily on a sailboat

Sicily is the Mediterranean’s largest island in Italy. During your sailing holiday in Sicily, maybe you are wondering what to explore there? If you go there, you can hire a yacht. There are some wonderful yachts for you to choose from along with great itineraries. You can make a tour of the beautiful seas of Sicily. First, you can head to Polermo, which is a large port with marina and better for sailing. This is a breathtaking coastline that offers plenty of opportunity to sail in. On the other hand, you can find another coastline called Marsala. You can visit Marsala on a sailboat. It is a wonderful city to explore, and especially, good for your Sicily yacht charter.

Rome: a voyage into curiosities

A voyage immersed in art and culture is possible only if your destination is the Italian capital. Rome, also known as the Eternal city, is rich of thousands of hidden artistic realities.

Italy Ship Rome: a voyage into curiosities

In the city there are streets rich of culture and architecture and lots of things to know, even if they are not among the main tourist attractions.

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