How to be a Great Guest on a Boat

Have you been invited to spend the afternoon on the water as a guest on someone’s power boat or sailing boat?  You’re in for a great adventure. Whether you’ve never sailed before or are a proficient sailor, follow these guidelines from the sailing experts on how to be a guest on a sail boat.  Grab your deck shoes and necessities and prepare to hit the water.

Sailing How to be a Great Guest on a Boat

Apply sunscreen prior to departure and have additional on hand for reapplying after a few short hours on the water. Bring a visor along to protect your skin from the harmful rays reflected off of the water. When gathering your items for a day on a sailboat, consider using a backpack. Space is typically at a premium on sailboats and you will need to contain all of your items.  A soft back pack is easier to stow than a hard bag. If you’ll be changing to swimwear on the sailboat, use the facilities in the galley, otherwise you’ll be exposed to everyone in the cockpit. Hour hosts will advise you of the most convenient way to change.

If you’re going on a sailboat for the first time, be warned that there are a lot of lines on the boat that are continuously in use. Ask the owner, or captain, where you should stow your belongings and where they would like to sit or stand.  Depending on the size of the vessel, it can get pretty tight in the cockpit when sailing is underway. Pay attention and confirm with the captain before moving any lines.

If dinner of lunch is planned for the cruise, offer to help bring items from the galley aft.  If you’ll continue to sail while dining, pay attention to the boom when standing in the cockpit. After a wonderful day sailing, let your hosts know how much you appreciated the day by presenting them with a gift card (space is at a premium!) from Harry and David that you were fortunate enough to get with the savings from a Groupon coupon. As such a wonderful guest, you’ll no doubt be invited to return again in the near future.

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