Rome: a voyage into curiosities

A voyage immersed in art and culture is possible only if your destination is the Italian capital. Rome, also known as the Eternal city, is rich of thousands of hidden artistic realities.

Italy Ship Rome: a voyage into curiosities

In the city there are streets rich of culture and architecture and lots of things to know, even if they are not among the main tourist attractions.

Sail Britannia or Yacht Charter the Caribbean

Make sail and conquer the waters that built an empire. Break free from the usual and go back in time on this memorable journey. Forget palm-lined beaches and sail the blue waters of Devon on a classic yacht full of history and intrigue. 18th Century Man of War ships were rough, dirty and often violent floating homes to those in service of the crown. Since the advent of metal ships, the old wooden barges have become relics of a past era. Stories of brave and daring sea farers have romanticized life on these wooden majesties, you too can fall in love with these splendid vessels as you create your own romantic journey along the British coastline and isles. Discover for yourself a forgotten world and set sail upon the boats that made history.

Sailing Yacht Sail Britannia or Yacht Charter the Caribbean

Tall and handsome

She’s a beauty. Tall ships are beauty queens, with sails lowered they are the crown jewels of the sea. Steering such a magnificent vessel out on open waters is exhilarating. These boats require experience to man and depend on a seasoned professional to captain. A holiday manning a tall ship is unforgettable. It is an opportunity to meet people and share in an experience mostly lost to modernity. Hundreds of people are needed aboard, and steering clear of troublesome waters is plenty of work. It’s definitely not a quiet holiday, this journey is about pushing yourself to new limits and new heights. A true adventure in every sense of the word.

Taking Care of Your Boat in A Green Way

Boating can be a lot of fun if you are familiar with the basics, and if you know how to handle everything so that you do not pollute your surroundings, and the waters as well. But, keeping a boat clean and green can be quite demanding, unless you follow a few simple steps in preventing polluting residues reaching water.

Sailboat running Taking Care of Your Boat in A Green Way

Avoid Leaking Oil from Your Boat

Your boat’s bilge can be your biggest worry if you do not take action in time, because it can collect a lot of oil from the engine, and if it starts seeping through the hull, it will be ending up in the water. However, if you use absorbent pads to control oil in the bilge, or to add a layer of protection to it, you will make sure that your boat is safe for sailing.

Top 5 Sailing Destinations Worldwide

When the hardness of the daily routine works leaves us with no further vitality and life breath, one starts to wonder about a vacation in the company of the folk they adore the best. Often an individual plans to set his voyage through the water assuming that the fresh air would completely recharge them for coming back better into the daily hardships.

Key West Top 5 Sailing Destinations Worldwide

Now, this requires a lot of planning and brain storming to be executed before can actually start sailing. Often, he gets puzzled upon the choice of destination to sail for. This article is about to discuss the possible top five sailing destinations worldwide that had been enjoying the top place of priority in the list of names ones considers to sail for.

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