Want To Have More Fun on the Water? Try a Wakeboard Tower

In physics, a wake is where a turbulent flow arises from an object moving forward. One of the best and most popular examples of this is with a boat, especially a motorboat. When a motorboat is driving through the water, wakes are created on both sides of the boat. These turbulent waves can be quite powerful, which is why the field of watersports has capitalized on this natural phenomenon.

Big Air Wake Tower Want To Have More Fun on the Water? Try a Wakeboard Tower

Known as wakeboarding, this sport involves the typical water sports of water surfing or water skiing, but the surfer takes full advantages of the wakes from the boat. Typically, a specific type of boat will increase wakes. V-shaped boats and boats using hydrofoil technology will typically increase wake size and ferocity. However, one of the investments any boat needs to help a surfer capitalize on wakes is a wakeboard tower.

5 safety tips you should take care while sailing

While you are sailing on a yacht, you should know some safety tips. These safety tips include a great range of activities and use of some important safety equipments and gears. Below is the list of some safety tips which should be taken care while sailing on a yacht.

Sailing 5 safety tips you should take care while sailing
Image: .flickr.com/photos/ennor

1.      Know the rules and your yacht

Firstly, you should have complete knowledge of the rules of sailing for avoiding collisions. You should not put the weight on a yacht more than its capacity. You should use the PFDs when you are sailing on the water. PFDs include different types and sizes of throw able devices. Most of the fatalities are happened due to drowning when victim has never intended for entering into the water.

Sailing Tips for Safer Sailing in 2014

Sailing is a great way to spend a summer vacation. What could be better than sitting on the deck of a boat, wind gently ruffling the sails, sun beating down and reflecting off the waves and maybe even a pair of dolphins riding on the bow wave!

Sailing boats Sailing Tips for Safer Sailing in 2014
Image: oceanphotography.co.nz

However as with anything at sea sailing carries a certain amount of risk and there are a few precautions that one should take when planning your sailing holiday.

Australia Sailing: The Perfect Stay in the Sheltered Whitsundays

For someone looking for a great way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and daily work within the metropolitan area, you know that you deserve to have a respite. Nothing could be better than spending a well spent vacation relaxing while enjoying the pristine waters at Whitsundays in Australia. Whitsundays promises an exotic vacation which is a perfect getaway from the pollution and chaotic environment in the metropolitan suburb. If you love the waters and nature, a day of Australia sailing is definitely for you.

8xOH7O4 Australia Sailing: The Perfect Stay in the Sheltered Whitsundays

The Whitsundays Sheltered Paradise

Sailing at Whitsundays is a very popular luxury vacation adventure and it is worth the price. Vacationers in Australia cannot pass the opportunity to sail and explore the beauty of paradise which is the promise of a Whitsundays sailing adventure. Those who visited Whitsundays Island find it a perfect vacation where you get the chance to be at the middle of the Great Barrier Reef that promises a spectacular aquatic view. Located at the Australia’s Queensland Coast, sailing along the Whitsundays sheltered paradise gives you the opportunity to sail across 74 beautiful islands with white sand beaches surrounded by sparkling blue waters that are too beautiful to resist of exploring by diving.

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